William Reilly

I believe worship happens within and beyond the walls of the church, as its members develop strong relationships with neighbors and the community.

During my time in ministry, I have been able to be a part of some incredible projects with some incredible people. I have organized 7 multigenerational disaster relief and international mission trips, 6 multi-church retreats, and several other trips and events. Aside from ministry, I have served in a leadership role on 2 nonprofit boards, and been involved in numerous organizations including the Atlanta Bicycle Association and Andrew P. Stewart Center. Below are descriptions of a few of my favorite projects.

Interim Pastor

Summer 2018 - edgewood church


For four months I served as the pastor of Edgewood Church while it's pastors were on Sabbatical. This involved staff/volunteer management, administration, worship planning, weekly preaching, financial management, a funeral, several pastoral care visits, communication, and events during that time period. I loved this experience particularly because of the incredible congregation I got to minister with. I delighted in empowering the congregation to live into their ministry gifts and dreams. Inspired and led by congregants we implemented a recycling effort, began a regular prayer meeting, created a directory, and cared for several families as they experienced times of crisis. I will treasure these congregants and memories in my heart for many years!

Crossroads/Vision Camp

July 2015 - NWTX Annual conference


In 2014 and 2015 I directed a conference wide youth summer camp for 250+ students. Crossroads (Jr. High) and Vision (High School) were week long camps that shared worship times and themes, but had different schedules, lessons, and activities. My fellow director and I set the schedules, managed volunteers (25+), planned and implemented activities, planned worship, edited curriculum (based on Orange), assigned housing, managed the budget, and organized logistics. 

2015 was particularly memorable because during our week of camp the canyon flooded. We had to change several activities and plans, and at one point even faced a possible evacuation. Despite these circumstances we had an incredible camp. Students had a blast and several proclaimed having their faith dramatically impacted. This experience helped me grow in leadership and adaptability while reminding me of the centering power of God in the midst of a crisis.


Calyx Service Project

June 2014 - st paul Abilene


This project took the place of the annual youth summer mission trip. It involved staying in Abilene and spending a week partnering with a low income family to rehabilitate their house. The "trip" included 10 adult, 6 high school, and 11 junior high volunteers, along with support from several church members and groups. Throughout the week we also had small group lessons, worship experiences, and community bonding activities. 

The experience was an incredible success. Materially, we were able to add insulation and replace the siding on the entire house, repair and paint the porch, fix several doors and light fixtures, paint several interior rooms, and do basic landscaping. Our work also helped demonstrate the power of community. In the last day we did a house blessing and several of the family's neighbors came. Not only did they build relationships and increase community on the block, but several neighbors said they had been inspired to do work on their own house as well. A year later, several properties showed improvement and the entire street had a greater sense of pride and care for their neighborhood. Several students reflected in hindsight that it was one of their most impactful faith experiences. This project allowed me to explore asset based community development and grow in my understanding of nontoxic missions.

Rock On The Grass

April 2018 - Edgewood church


 Rock on the Grass is an annual event hosted by Edgewood Church for the purpose of outreach and increasing community. The event is simply live music and free BBQ on the lawn in from the the church and everyone is invited to hang out. The event had been on hiatus for a few years, but I agreed to be in charge of bringing it back. This involved recruiting bands, handling publicity, organizing volunteers, and managing logistics. 

It was a huge success and a really fun afternoon. We had four bands play and over 150 people attended. Most people stayed for several hours, hanging out and playing with their neighbors. Several people commented about how nice it was to relax and get to know each other better. As a bonus a few families from the neighborhood came  to church the next Sunday too! This project was delightful in that it was not a traditional ministry project, but allowed me to develop and grow several skills that will be useful when a church wants a higher level of involvement in their community.


West, TX Mission Trip

June 2013 - st paul Abilene


During my time at St. Paul I organized several multigenerational mission trips and projects. Most of the projects involved disaster relief. One of my favorites was a week long mission trip to West, Texas to assist with recovery from a fertilizer plant explosion. We partnered with Texas Baptist Men and completed several projects including helping prep houses for demolition and cleaning up debris after demolition. We also had nightly worship and several times of reflection. After the trip, many participants shared how impactful it was for their faith. Through this trip, both the community and our participants were transformed.

This project was especially meaningful as it was the first disaster relief trip I led by myself. The experience allowed me to grow skills in disaster relief, partnering with outside organizations, and the logistics of a potentially dangerous endeavor.

Costa Rica Trip/5K Fundraiser

July 2015 - St paul Abilene


At St. Paul I was tasked with organizing and leading a multi-generational mission trip to Costa Rica with 17 participants. We partnered with a local missionary to build apartments and a daycare for single mothers going to college. While there we also got to experience Christianity in a different language with different customs, the discomforts of being out of our element, and the challenges of everyday mission life. 

As part of fundraising for the trip, I also organized a 5K/Half Marathon fundraiser. The event included over 10 corporate sponsors and raised over $4000 for the trip. This and other fundraising efforts allowed the trip to be affordable for several people that otherwise might not have participated.

This project helped form and inform my understanding of international missions efforts and experiment with techniques to limit their toxicity. It also equipped me with the skills and experience in complex logistics necessary for international travel and hosting city-wide events.


Other Samples

Notable projects not featured above include: hosting several church wide fellowship events, assisting in the launch of a contemporary worship service, and organizing numerous multi-church retreats and events. Below are a few more examples of various aspects of my ministry experience. If you have any questions or would like more information on any projects or experiences feel free to hit the “Let's Connect” button at the bottom of the page.